How To Choose Laptop Bag

How Do I Choose a Laptop Bag?

The main function of laptop bags is to safely transport our equipment. There are several models: shoulder bag, backpacks, trolleys, briefcases, among others. Some bags even have accessories such as USB charging ports or headphone jacks. However, our choice will depend mainly on the size of our computer.

There are other factors that also influence the choice of the ideal laptop bag, such as its design, the manufacturing material, the number of compartments or the type of use that we are going to give it. Protection against water and comfort will also, be key when choosing a bag or briefcase for our laptop.

Purchasing a bag for our computer should not be taken lightly. We must check its size, capacity, its resistance to frequent use, and, most importantly, that we feel comfortable with it. Your computer bag is one more accessory of your clothing and, therefore, it should reflect your personality.

Which is the best laptop bag to buy?

Shoulder bags, backpacks, bags, briefcases, or trolleys. The variety of accessories for transporting laptops is immense. So which one to choose? The choice will depend, above all, on the size of the team, although you will have to assess other factors. Next, we are going to offer you a selection with the five best selling laptop bags in 2020.

How many types of laptop bags are there on the market?

Shoulder bag: This type of a laptop bag is characterized by having an adjustable strap to carry it on the shoulder and a pair of hand handles to use it as a briefcase. They usually have a padded compartment for the laptop and another outside for cables and other accessories, although there are vintage- style convertible models with several pockets.

Briefcases: They are mainly designed to be carried by the handles, although they can also be used as a shoulder bag thanks to the removable strap that most models include. Many of them have only two compartments, one for the computer and one for the cables. They tend to have a more classic and formal design than shoulder bags.

Backpacks: Unlike briefcases and shoulder bags, backpacks hang on the back thanks to two adjustable straps. Normally, they have a padded compartment for the laptop and several interiors and exterior pockets to store other objects, such as tablets, books, or mobile phones. Some models even have USB charging ports.

Trolleys (bag with wheels): Designed for long trips, trolleys with telescopic handles and wheels allow us to comfortably move our computer and, some models, even some clothes for the trip. They can be made of synthetic fabric or rigid materials such as ABS or polycarbonate, which gives them great resistance to impacts and falls.

How to choose the right bag for the dimensions of the computer?

The wide variety of laptops on the market makes choosing a carry bag anything but simple. The size, shape, and weight of the computer are key factors when choosing a backpack or briefcase for transport. If you take into account the steps that we offer below, it will not be difficult for you to choose the most suitable laptop bag.

Check the inches of the laptop

If you are not very clear about the dimensions of your laptop, try measuring its screen diagonally, excluding the frame. Knowing that each inch equals 2.54 cm, it will be easy for you to calculate its size.

Check its dimensions.

One thing is the inches of the screen and quite another its proportions, that is, the relationship between its height and its width. If your laptop is widescreen it will have a 16: 9 aspect ratio; other models, on the other hand, have a 4: 3 ratio. They can both be the same inches, but they won’t be the same size or shape.

Check the measurements of the backpack.

After the equipment is measured, compare its dimensions with the specifications of the backpack. The measurements of the product sheet must be, at least, equal to the dimensions of the laptop, although it is advisable that they be slightly larger to avoid surprises.

What other factors should we consider when choosing a laptop bag?

The dimensions of our computer are not the only important factor that we must take into account when choosing a bag or briefcase for transport. There are other details that you should keep in mind, such as its manufacturing quality, that it is waterproof, the arrangement of its compartments or the comfort of use, among others.

Quality materials and manufacturing.

These two factors are key when choosing a bag for our laptop since the security of our equipment will depend on them. Seams, zippers, straps, handles, or reinforcements are some of the elements that you should review before deciding on one bag or another.

Laptop compartment.

Generally, most backpacks and bags have padded compartments for better computer protection. However, there are somewhat more expensive models equipped with foam linings or air cushions that offer superior protection than other models.


A waterproof bag guarantees that our laptop will not suffer damage caused by the rain. Check that the manufacturing material and the design guarantee the waterproofing of the case, both in the event of rain and in the event of an accidental fall into a puddle or fountain.


There are people who prefer backpacks, as they offer freedom of movement that shoulder bags or briefcases do not offer. Others, on the other hand, favor trolleys, since they are more practical when traveling by train or by plane. In any case, always make sure that the fasteners of the bag are comfortable and secure.

Which type of laptop bag is better, the briefcase or the backpack?

Choosing a laptop bag depends largely on personal taste. However, there are certain objective criteria that do not depend on our preferences, such as the type of use that we are going to give this accessory. Next, we offer you a comparison of two different models of laptop bags: the briefcase and the backpack.





Informal designs, a wide variety of models, and colors.

Elegant and formal designs, in dark tones, suitable for professionals.


Practical, versatile, comfortable.

They further limit the user’s movements.


Greater capacity to carry objects.

Lower capacity.


They give some heat when they are in contact with the back.

They neither heat nor wrinkle our clothes with sweat.


Designed for hanging only.

They can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag.


When going to the back, someone could access your pockets without realizing it. It does not give clues to its content, which can prevent theft.

At no time do we lose sight of its compartments. They clearly show their content.

What are the differences between a sleeve and a laptop bag?

Although they have in common with bags the function of protecting the computer against bumps and scratches, laptop sleeves have different characteristics than briefcases, backpacks, or trolleys. First of all, laptop sleeves do not have handles, except for certain models, so they are carried like a clutch bag.

The main one, designed to fit the laptop perfectly, and the exterior, with a much smaller capacity than the pockets of a briefcase or backpack. There is a wide range of covers, with designs ranging from black or gray to boldly patterned models.

Hard cases consist of cases made for a certain laptop model, similar to those for smartphones. They protect the back of the screen, the bottom of the computer, and, on some models, the keyboard as well. They are very easy to place and are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, even transparent.

What are the latest trends in men's laptop bags?

Laptop bags are not immune to the ups and downs of fashion or technological advances. A good example is the retro backpacks, which are characterized by the presence of numerous pockets and the replacement of the zippers by the adjustable leather straps.

Another type of backpacks that are causing a sensation are those equipped with anti-theft locks, usually combination locks that catch the zipper pulls. Other models also include USB chargers or headphone jacks, which allows us to listen to music without having to remove the mobile from the backpack.

Messenger-style crossbody bags are also among the new best-selling models. They are usually made of canvas or leather and are characterized by their buckle closures and vintage style. If you are one of those who prefer something more groundbreaking, go for a printed soft case; There are thousands of models, you will surely find one that you like.

Purchase Criteria

The mission of a laptop bag is to protect our computer while traveling, so that the more we are going to move it, the better quality the briefcase, backpack or trolley we choose should be. Next, we are going to give you a series of guidelines to choose the bag that best suits not only your computer but also your own needs.

  • Use that you are going to give your bag
  • Storage capacity
  • Choose a bag according to your personality
  • Warranty
  • Think of the friends of others
  • Use that you are going to give your bag

Before choosing a bag for your computer, you must ask yourself a crucial question: what use are you going to give it? If you are going to transport your laptop occasionally, it does not make much sense that you invest too much money in a briefcase or a backpack that you will use little. On the other hand, if you need it for work, it is worth spending a little more since you will give it intensive use.

If you are going to use your bag on a daily basis, check that the manufacturing and materials are of quality. Would it be funny to see your laptop hit the ground because of a ripped handle? Also, think about the beating your backpack will suffer in public transport. The type of transport you use regularly will also determine which bag is the most suitable for you.

Storage Capacity

The great advantage of laptop bags is that they fit a lot more things. If you always carry many objects with you, choose a backpack or a shoulder bag, since they are models with many departments. Ideally, the laptop compartment should be separated from the rest so that neither the equipment nor any of the objects that you carry in your bag suffer damage.

If you only carry your laptop, the best option is a briefcase or a soft sleeve. A briefcase fits the computer, its cables, the mouse and little else. The soft cases still have less capacity, in which only the laptop fits. If you want to add extra protection to your equipment when you carry it in your bag, use a soft or hard case, there will be nothing that can damage it.

Choose a bag according to your personality

You have verified that your laptop fits easily in your bag. It also has many compartments in which to carry your belongings. It even has a USB port and a headphone output. But you have not taken into account something essential: it is a laptop bag with a design that has nothing to do with your personality or your tastes.

In the market there are thousands of models of laptop bags, from the most daring and original to the most basic and conservative design. It is an accessory that you will use daily, so choose a model that fits your personality. Think that your bag is one more accessory of your clothing and, as such, you should wear it with pride.


Laptop bags are accessories designed to protect delicate and sometimes quite expensive equipment. For this reason, it is essential that they offer a guarantee against damage or breakage caused by regular use. Although most manufacturers offer this guarantee, it doesn’t hurt to check it out before purchasing one of these items.

Some of the most recognized brands in the sector offer their customers a lifetime guarantee on their items. In this way, if your bag breaks due to regular use, the manufacturer will take care of its repair. These are premium guarantees that, in most cases, entail an additional outlay to the cost of the backpack.


Currently, there is a wide range of laptop bags on the market. From more informal models, such as backpacks, shoulder bags, or vintage- style bags, to those designed for professional use, such as briefcases or the increasingly popular trolleys. However, all of them must fulfill one main function: to adequately protect your laptop.

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