Biography of Qamar Rahman

Identify: Qamar Rahman
Born : 1944
Location: Shahjahanpur, India
Occupation: Scientist, Professor

Biography of Qamar Rahman

Early Biography:

Qamar Rahman is an Indian scientist. He has labored extensively within the final 40 years to know the physiological results of nanoparticles. Qamar Rahman was born in 1944 in Shahjahanpur, India. Qamar Rahman has obtained his MSc and PhD diploma from ST Johnsa Faculty Agra.

Work :

Qamar Rahman has labored internationally on the results of slate mud and family and environmental particulate air pollution, and occupational well being, on asbestosis attributable to long-term irritation and scarring of the lungs resulting from mica filaments.

Qamar Rahman works as an assistant professor in Hamdard College. He’s additionally a visiting professor at Rostoke College. Not solely this, however he has retired in lots of universities like USA, Nice Britain, France, Italy, Norvo, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Kramar Rahman has studied extensively on the toxicity of Atestus soot and lots of different prayuskos. Kramar Rahman has additionally accomplished a movie as regards to girls uncovered to poisonous chemical compounds on the place of business. Qamar Rahman is at the moment working as Analysis Science and Expertise Dean of Amity College, Lucknow, India.

Availability :


1) Kramer Rahman has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Rostock College, Germany in 2009.
2) Dr. Rahman is the primary Indian to be honored by this 600-year-old college.
3) Awarded with Professional Award within the yr 2013.

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