Biography of Prajwal Shastri | Work | Books | Wiki

Biography of Prajwal Shastri | Work | Books | Wiki

Title: Prajwal Shastri
Location : Mangalore, India
Occupation: Astrophysicist

Biography of Prajwal Shastri | Work | Books | Wiki

Early Biography:

Prajwal Shastri is an Astrophysicist at Indian Institute of Astrophysics Bangalore. It occurred within the state’s Mangalore metropolis. There he acquired his education. After that he obtained BSc and MSc levels in Physics from St. Agres’ Faculty, Mangalore Mysore College.

He has accomplished his PhD in Physics from the Indian Institute of Know-how, Mumbai. In 1989, he did Tata Institute of Basic Analysis with regards to Relational Binning in Energetic Galactic Nuclei underneath the supervision of Bijay Kapahi.

Work :

Prajwal has labored within the area of lively galaxies pushed by supermassive black holes utilizing a number of wavelength observations starting from radio to X-ray wavelengths. Prajwal has nonetheless continued his analysis work on many topics. reminiscent of –

1) FIFES in AGN emission line area built-in area spectroscopic imaging siding spring|
2) AGN XMM-Newton Xa Ray Emission from Suzaku
3) Jet in Radio Quiet AGN Very Lengthy Baseline Interferometry GMRT
4) Scorching gaseous outflow within the AGN Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Accelerator
5) Blazer Variability WEBT Monitoring Expedition Binubapu and Halle Telescope
6) Prajwal is working as a member of the Astronomical Society of India and the Physics Affiliation of India.

Availability :

Awards and Honors:

1) Prajwal has been a member of the Worldwide Astronomical Union.
2) Prajwal Shastri is a member of the OWG Organizing Committee on Astrostatistica and Astroin Formatica, Worldwide Astronomical Union.
3) The Committee organized by the Worldwide Astronomical Union is a companion to 40 radio astronomy|


1) Iv asymmetry and an accelerated outflow marker in an ambiguous spheroid.|
2) When low is excessive, is the radio galaxy fan or relay underneath brake? 2005 Astrophys J Let 632 L 69 Astro PH10509559

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