What are the best HP Original Laptop Bag online available in India?

Are you about to buy a HP Original Laptop Bag for your laptop?

Let me tell you that you are about to make an excellent purchase to protect your laptop, as you already know, laptops are very, very vulnerable to deterioration due to blows that, by accident, can happen anywhere and at any time.

They are quite noticeable because, in general, the shell and many elements that make up the notebook, are made of quite fragile materials. In these cases, it is very important to consider acquiring a briefcase, because with an accessory of this type, you provide the laptop with more security and comfort for you when moving it.

Therefore, looking for briefcases for your laptop is not an easy task, it is not enough just to just try how it fits, but you also have to analyze its characteristics. 

If you have no idea where to start analyzing, don’t worry, my goal is to facilitate this arduous task and solve all the doubts you have. So make yourself comfortable and take note of each aspect mentioned here, as this will help you at the time of making your purchase.

Here is the best HP Original Laptop Bag that you can buy online now?

15.6-inch HP Express


If you are going to buy for value for money then this bag will satisfy you. HP laptop bag’s dimension 17 x 33 x 47 cm and made with heavy-duty polyster fabric.  This laptop bag is idealy for 15.6-Inch laptop and as well as multiple pockets for small accessories storage like hard disk, charger etc.. Padded shoulder handle is comfortable.              

Our overall Feedback
Value For Money 90%
Quality Of Materials 95%
Storage Capacity 85%
Durability 85%
For Travelling 80%
Water Resistance 75%



  • Big Brand with low cost
  • Quality of material is good
  • Best for travelling ( office, work or collage)
  • water resistance is not upto the mark

Essentials Slim Backpack Black

Essentials HP Laptop bag is made with polyster and nylon and ideal for 14-15.6 inch Laptop. It’s really cheaper in the market as per comparison with other branded laptop bags.

Our overall Feedback
Storage Capacity 90%
For Travelling 80%
Water resistance 70%
Value For Money 90%



  • Storage Capacity
  • Water Resistance
  • Best Design
  • Very Good in This Price
  • Small size compare to other
  • Storage capacity is good for only laptop and accessories

Odyssey HP Laptop Bag Editor's Choice

Odyssey HP Laptop Bag’s dimension is 33 x 15.2 x 45.7 cm. Also you can carry 15.6 inch laptop along with few cloths. As well as if you want to use this bag for travelling or collage purpose then also you can use it. You are getting 2 large thin packet, key holder, Pen slots on left, meshed pocket with zipper, extra pocket. And the most important about this bag is about dashing design. You are going to fall in love with stunning design.

Quality of Material 90%
Durability 85%
Easy to Use 87%
For Travelling 90%
Security Features 87%
Water Resistance 92%



  • Beautiful Design
  • Value For Money
  • Durable
  • Materials And Chains Qualities Are Good
  • Very Comfortable

No Cons

HP 15.6 Inch Duotone Laptop

15.6 HP Original Laptop Bag comes with the best features like light weight, durability, water resistance and also with  520 gram weight and a lot of pocket that can be use for charger, diary, pen etc.

Water Resistance 85%
Light weight 92%
Value for money 95%
Durability 87%



  • Stunning design With durability
  • Best Quality Zip
  • Compact and better padded
  • 1 year warranty from HP
  • Fit for 15.6 Inch laptop, charger, mobile, diary etc..
  • Can be use as briefcase too
  • This bag is water resistance not waterproof
  • Not to good for other purpose like carry some high weight goods so don not overload

HP Titanium Highest Selling Laptop Bag

HP Titanium made with the polyester, water resistance ( not waterproof), 520 gram, 3 compartments and with 1 year limited warranty and suitable for up to 15 Inch.

If you have 15.6 or upper size then this is not for you. As per pricing, it looks fake but it’s not true as this backpack is the most trustworthy and highest-selling HP laptop bag. 

Durability 87%
For Travelling 85%
Quality of Material 90%
Water Resistance 70%



  • Price ( As price comparison, this is the best one in HP laptop bag)
  • Water resistance
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Not suitable for 15.6 or higher size
  • Limited compartments
  • Not for heavy article carrying


So our team has researched for you to choose the best HP Original Laptop Bag for you, Now you can buy any one which is suits your need.

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